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TheMattePoser is a pose save/load tool implemented as a python plugin for Autodesk Maya. It requires an installed python enabled version of Maya to run (see below for details). No other externals required.

It supports offset pasting, "body part" organization, custom plane mirroring, attributes handling, scaling support on any normal Maya object/transform. HIK + any custom rigg you can possibly conceive of is supported (as long as its object based, which all riggs/control riggs in Maya are). Much useful for both mocap editing as well as keyframing situations. For those that have used Motionbuilders pose tool this works in a similar way but implemented for Maya.

For more details regarding functionality have a look at the instructional videos below for a better understanding of the tools use and features. Let the videos do the talking instead!

Running Windows it can be used on 64-bit versions of Maya from 2012 up to the latest, 2016.

It can be freely downloaded and tried by anyone on a trial period basis, to give you a feel for the tool. For continued use after the trial period a license is required for continued use, which can be bought below, here, on this site.

Day-to-day information regarding this tool can be read in this twitter channel.

PS; Please only send questions/requests related too THIS tool using the mail address found on this page! For all other matters refer to the parent site (my blogg) egp address.
1. Preface And Install

Intro 0:00
Install Tool/Trial 03:00
Bought License Install 08:08
Tool Tech Specifics 10:36
(Maya 2014)
2. "In-Scene" Saved Poses

Maya 2014
3. UI and Settings

Maya 2014
4. Basic Saving and Pasting Poses

Maya 2014
5. Rigg Setup

Maya 2014
6. Mirroring + Advanced Pasting Routines

Mirroring 0:00
HIK Specifics 14:50
End Summary 27:37
(Maya 2014)
Background and Download
The creation of this tool has been on my mind for a time, since this is something that Maya natively is missing and can be extremely helpful to have when dealing with animation. Much of this tools functionality has been derived from my custom tools poser I put together a few years back for motionbuilder. I did show it briefly when demoing my custom motionbuilder rigging system. Post can be found here. I did not go into much tool specifics/details at that time though, which, obviously, this demoing shows more of (with the videos above).

Current version download;

The above Download will always contain a trial license for around 30-35 days. After that a license is needed for continued operation of the tool itself. See below.

NOTE; You download this piece of software extension AS IS, of course. And while, of course, it is my intention that this tool is suppose to work as stable and correctly as possible for everyone. It is almost impossible for me to predict all usage circumstances. So with that said I cannot be held responsible for loss/destruction of data due to incorrect/irresponsible use of this tool/plugin. If you are doing something that this plugin is not suppose to be used for and hence something that I cannot predict, the consequences are on you. Make sure that you save your work continuously if you are experimenting, just to be on the safe side.

Of course, all weird behavior/crashes, that occurs during obvious normal use I would like reported. See more details in Contacts section below.

Announcements regarding updates/bugfixes/functionality as well as day-to-day information revolving this tool can be found in this twitter channel.
Pricing, License and Usage
Payment is carried out using the online PayPal thirdparty service supporting most of the common bigger global creditcard systems. So you would need a PayPal account to be able to buy a license/s. A personal PayPal account is free for anyone to create.

More information regarding PayPal, setting up an account or just general information regarding the payment system, can be found by pressing the PayPal logo/image link above.

Buying Licenses; Choose the number of licenses you want from the dropbox above. Click the "Buy Now" button which will open up a new window/tab in your browser and direct you to a paypal payment login page. Have a look at the order summary to the left, so that it matches what you actually selected. Login to your paypal account to the right (if you are NOT logged in of course). Follow the instructions to finish the payment.

If the payment goes through successfully I will get a notice that you have bought the above specified number of licenses. With that as soon as I can I will try and generate the license/s for you and send it to you via your paypal account specified mail address. So make sure you have a valid address entered into your paypal account.

NOTE: If you would like to buy more than 4 licenses in one go, contact me via mail (see contact section below), so we can set something specific up depending on your number of licenses wanted.

Usage; Anyone that feels like they would want a serious poser tool for Maya is free to use this tool as you see it fitting, whether you are an individual and/or a small/big organization/company.

I have tried to test this as much as I can in a number of Maya versions. In my implementation I have tried to use only standard Maya functionality to try and maintain compatibility between all versions this tool is suppose to support. However, for reasons not hard to understand, certain versions will get more hours clocked in the testing phase then others. Hence some specific smaller changes that Autodesk changes on-the-fly from version to version might cause issues that do get missed. If you find one of those, please rapport them as bug. See Contact section below.
Anything related to this tool can be sent to this mail address . Be it Questions/Problems/Bugrapports/Inquiries/Licensing or whatever!

Regarding Bugrapports; Given the complexity of this tool, without repro steps + stack trace dump and maybe a test file sent, it might be very difficult for me todo anything about a specific problem. At least if its a very complex one. So try to be as accurate as you can when describing what went wrong. So that I can take a look at it as promptly as possible.

I will try and fix obvious tool problems as quickly as I can, depending on the severity of the bug of course. When I have fixed something the updated version will always be available for everyone using the tool via the normal download link above.

Ideas for improvement/changes etc are of course always welcome as well. Be aware though, that depending on how it affects the already in-place operation of the tool it may or may not end up being implemented.
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